Ernst Haeckel


Love, love, love this guy’s drawings. Wish I had all the time in the world to study them…

3c539a1e7d0215466cb087461f54b444 427px-haeckel_mycetozoa1 tumblr_mw7qtwYera1r4bbbpo1_1280 Haeckel_Phaeodaria_1 Haeckel_Phaeodaria_61 3c539a1e7d0215466cb087461f54b444 98-Haeckel_Discomedusae turtles 8-Haeckel_Discomedusaehaeckel_ophiodea_70_astrophyton_darwinium

Lots more here (and everywhere on the net)…

One of his books: Art Forms In Nature…

432px-Kunstformen_der_Natur_cover 51ulIyDy-lL 


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